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Welcome to Storyboards VIP!

Join our monthly membership for sweet deals on our sets and early access to our fresh monthly releases.

VIP Perks, Just for You!

  • Enjoy a minimum of 75% off
  • Complimentary Touchups
  • Exclusive Member Offers
  • Cancel Whenever You Wish
  • Total Flexibility: Pause or Cancel Your Membership Anytime

Need a break? No worries! Send us an email to pause or cancel your membership whenever you like. You’ll keep all your benefits and won’t face any charges.

Your Credits, Your Rules

Your store credits are here to stay, forever! Use them whenever you fancy – they’ll never expire. Yes, really!

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Is there a monthly fee for VIP? 

Yep! After your initial purchase, it’s up to $29.99 as agreed during your checkout, which we turn into store credit for you. Spend it anytime, it never goes away.

Please note: The first VIP membership charge is non-refundable due to the VIP cashback discount applied to your first order.

Do I need to shop every month?

Not at all! Our VIP Membership is super flexible. Skip a month (or a few) and your store credit will stack up, ready when you are.

Is there a welcome bonus?

First-timers get a welcome treat (think cashback or a discount) on top of VIP perks. Just a heads-up: if you cancel in the first month, this bonus will be deducted from your membership fee.

Can I buy from Storyboards without being a VIP member?

Absolutely! If you’re here for a one-off purchase, just choose the non-member option at checkout.

Let’s Chat!

For more details about our fabulous VIP program, drop us a line at [email protected]. We’re always here to help! 🌟

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