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Storyboards vs MIXPIX

Now only $7.50 per tile! Storyboards are loved by tens of thousands of customers. They are 8"x8” in size, with a magic adhesive that doesn't damage your walls.

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Why Choose Storyboards Over MIXPIX?
Why Choose Storyboards Over MIXPIX?
Best Price Guarantee
Huge special offers and crazy mega deals throughout the year.
8”x8” Photo Tiles
Each tile is 8"× 8" (20cm) and 1/2" thick. They are made of heavy duty PVC foam core which makes them durable and very light with a reusable adhesive for easy placing and repositioning.
Removable Adhesives
Each tile ships with four removable adhesives.
UV Printing
UV printing is a unique printing process that gives our tiles a high quality 'canvas like' feel.
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We are honored to help bring your awesome stories to life and keep your precious memories close.
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Los Angeles, CA
They are absolutely beautiful, light weight, easy to hang and move and just the right size. The look fantastic. Thank you.
Dallas, TX
I absolutely love the Storyboards of our baby pics. I'm making a whole wall just for them.
Orlando, FL
My delivery of Storyboards brought tears to my eyes. Seeing my pictures up brought back so many memories and made me so happy. The pictures came out so good, I love them.
New York, NY
I love the simplicity of the ordering service process and the fast service.
Philadelphia, PA
My Storyboards gave me wedding day feels!
Columbus, OH
I love, love, love my Storyboards they look beautiful and are so lightweight. They have brightened up the whole room.
Atlanta, GA
I love their customer service, very professional and the pictures are too cute! Awesome product!
Chicago, IL
We love Storyboards! We had so much fun putting them up and moving them around. I'm about to order a load more!

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